Beam allows you to create highly-available storage volumes that can be used across tasks. You might use volumes for things like storing model weights or large datasets.

Mounting a Volume

Volumes can be attached to an App. By default, Volumes are shared across all apps in your Beam account.

from beam import function, Volume

VOLUME_PATH = "./model_weights"

    volumes=[Volume(name="model-weights", mount_path=VOLUME_PATH)],
def load_model():
    from transformers import AutoModel

    # Load model from cloud storage cache

Browsing Volume Contents

You can list all your volumes through the web dashboard, or CLI using the beam volume list command.

You can also browse all contents of a volume with the beam volume ls command:

Deleting Volumes

You can delete a volume in the web dashboard. Click the three-dots icon next to a volume, and click Delete Volume to permanently delete it.