Saving Models to a Beam Volume

You can mount a Volume in your app and save your TF models inside of it.

from beam import App, Runtime, Image, Volume

import tensorflow as tf
import tensorflow_hub as hub

beam_cache_path = "./models"

app = App(
            python_packages=["tensorflow_hub", "tensorflow"],
    volumes=[Volume(path=beam_cache_path, name="models")],

def save_model():
    model = hub.load("")
    # Save models to Beam Volume, beam_cache_path)

Loading Models from a Beam Volume

You can easily read a file saved in the volume by passing in the path to the volume using the hub.load() method:

def load_saved_model():
    # Load the model from the Beam Volume
    loaded_model = hub.load(beam_cache_path)
    # Run the saved model
    embeddings = loaded_model(["This is an example sentence."])
    # Print model output

Deploying Tensorflow Models

You can deploy your code as a REST API, Task Queue, or Scheduled Job using the beam deploy command:

beam deploy

When you run this command, your browser window will open the Beam Dashboard. You can copy the cURL or Python request to call the API:

After making a request, you’ll see metrics appear in the dashboard:

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